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Do you want hands-on experience with a state of the art container-based high availability cloud infrastructure?

Does working with Python, Go, Rust, and so on interest you?

Does working with a distributed team of world-class experts in distributed computing sound like an experience you want on your resume?

Would you like some experience with an infrastructure that uses Zookeeper, Kafka, Riemann, Puppet, Ceph, and a broad assortment of Python libraries? is looking for engineer interns for 4 to 6 months starting now to test, break and document things. We take internships seriously, and you will have serious mentoring. On top of that, you will be able to see how an ambitious startup rises.

You’ll be working from our Paris office; most of us there speak French, but all professional communications happen in English, hence some fluency is required (if you can read Stack Overflow answers without a dictionary, that should do it !).


  • Know how to navigate Linux and Git without getting (too) lost
  • Know about networking (it’s always a network problem)
  • Have basic coding skills (we don’t expect you to be an expert yet, but you should have solved an interesting problem or two with code already)
  • Have a drive to automate all the things (who likes doing the same work twice?)

It would be really great if you had:

  • Experience with CI of any kind (we use Gitlab, but the principle is always the same)
  • Good experience with Python (most of our core product is Python 2)
  • Experience with other programming languages (our product’s input is code, and you will be pushing a lot of it. PHP ? Java ? Golang ? C# ? Javascript ? Scala ? Fortran ? most of these can run on Platform)
  • Good knowledge of how the Web works (we host web apps, and that’s 95% of what you’ll be testing)

Us is an idea-to-cloud application platform that simplifies cloud infrastructures.

We give developers the tools they need to experiment, innovate, get rapid feedback and deliver better-quality features with speed and confidence thanks to our unique rapid cloning technology. serves thousands of customers worldwide including The Financial Times, Gap, Magento Commerce, Orange, Hachette, Ikea, Stanford University, Harvard University, The British Council, and Lufthansa.

We want people who are passionate, open, multicultural, friendly, humble and smart to join us and help this fast-growing, award-winning company to revolutionize the tech industry.

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Comment postuler ?

Pour candidater, merci d’adresser votre dossier de candidature en cliquant sur le lien suivant :


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